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Nurture & Education Ministries

Sunday School Ministries

First United Methodist in Ripley has an outstanding Sunday School program for children and adults.Sunday School classes provide a place where people learn about the Christian faith in a loving, friendly environment.Sunday School is a place where people and churches can be transformed:

  • growing leaders for the churchís mission
  • increasing peopleís sense of belonging and commitment to stewardship
  • providing a place for new people to make friends and learn to grow as disciples
  • deepening peopleís understanding of Godís activity in all of life

All groups meet at 9:45 a.m.

Information about various classes is listed below.

Children's Ministries

Our classes, taught by dedicated volunteers, are designed with age-appropriate lessons to learn Godís word through stories, games and activities that encourage children to make discipline connections in their daily lives.Classes are available for toddlers through sixth grades and meet in our Upper Educational Wing.


         Nursery (ages 0-2)

         Pre-School Class (ages 3-4)

         Kindergarten Class (age 5-6)

         First-Second Grade Class (ages 7-8)

         Third-Fifth Grade Class (ages 9-11)


Youth Ministries

Through innovative, interactive, and often web-based studies, our youth build upon the stories they learned as children.This can be a time for questioning and stretching one's beliefs, all within the safety of strong and loving class of peers, and led by well-grounded teachers.Classes meet in our Lower Educational Wing.


         Sixth-Eighth Grade Class (ages 12-14)

         Ninth-Twelfth Grade Class (ages 15-18)


Adult Ministries

These elders of the church have been gathering and studying and praying and offering mutual support for years, providing an incredible witness to the rest of the faith community.The classes vary upon lecture topics.


         Seekers- Members are primarily young married couples and singles ranging in ages from early twenties to early thirties.Several have nursery and early school-age children.


         Pathfinders- We are a class of men and women who are comtemporary Christians that are concerned with current everyday issues.All of us have children of school or college age.We are very open to discussion in the class and hope to please and serve God in every way.If you are looking for a class that is full of discussion that addresses everyday issues and how we as Christians fit in, please join us.


         Shovelers- We are a class of men and women in their forties and fifties.Steve Brabec is the teacher and he leads the class discussion in many topics concerning our Christian faith.We use books by various authors to dig a little deeper into the relationship between Godís word and living in todayís world.Many class members are involved with the Bags of Hope food pantry.Each Christmas, we participate in the Carl Perkins Center Festival of Trees by decorating a Christmas tree with a Christian theme.We are named the Shovelers because the ground breaking shovel used when the church was built is displayed in our classroom.


         Loyal Class- We are primarily a lecture class using the United Methodist Adult Buble Studies. Three very competent and Bible-wise teachers lead the lessons.The class is made up of men and women who have enjoyed the class for many years.A warm welcome will be found in this group.


         Menís Comeback Class- Members are men ranging in ages from sixties to eighties.This is primarily a lecture class using United Methodist Adult Bible Studies.


         Covenant Class- The class was founded approximately twenty years ago as a Covenant group that met on Sunday mornings.The goal is spiritual formation and the covenant is daily prayer and scripture, weekly worship and communion, monthly acts of service, and frequent celebration.Although a discussion group at heart, we have studied under the leadership of writers such as Robert Benson, Phyllis Tickle, and June Davenport.We study classic and contemporary writers from C.S. Lewis to Rob Bell.We ponder the relationship of todayís social issues through the lens of personal and corporate faith.Our members have been shaped by participation in Disciple Bible Study, Companions in Christ, or Walk to Emmaus.Our members are basically from age 50 Ė 70, singles and couples.All are welcome to join us.


         Alford Class- Members are primarily married couples and singles ranging in ages from late forties to sixties.This is a discussion class that openly considers topics and concerns of the Christian life.



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